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Table of Contents

  1. Layout
  2. CSS Files
  3. JavaScript Files
  4. HTML Files
  5. PSD Files
  6. Image licensing

A) Layout - top

This template has a Responsive layout with one or two columns (varies for different sections). It's based on Bootstrap 3.2 and it's markup is structured according to bootstrap best practices.

This template has 3 different layout modes - normal (for 970px or wider screens), tablet ( for screens smaller than 970px ) and mobile (for screens smaller than 768px). Adjust your browser window size to explore them closer.

Goliath uses lots of HTML5 and CSS3 features, so it will NOT support legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8.

B) CSS Files - top

All the CSS files are located in /css/ folder. Most of the template's CSS is in goliath.css, but mobile design is specified in mobile.css and tablet specific design is in tablet.css. Additional colour styles are located in goliath-dark.css and goliath-white.css. Replace the default goliath.css with one of these to use a different styling.

C) JavaScript - top

All the Javascript files are located in /js/ folder. This template uses jQuery Javascript library and many plugins and custom built scripts. All the template specific behaviour is written in theme.js and this is the only file you may ever need to edit.

It is comparatively easy to find what you need to edit in theme.js. Just open the file and look for init function. It initialises all other functions which you can recognise by the name.

D) HTML Files - top

The following HTML files are provided:

E) PSD Files - top

Photoshop PSD files are provided for each of the templates. The following files are included:

C) Image licensing notification - top

The images included with this template are there for testing purposes only, they are the property of their respective owners. Planetshine has acquired rights for their use in this template and the rights do not get transferred along with the purchase of template. Images may not be used by in any products created from this template.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this template.


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