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Homepage Support Callisto Shopify How to remove the "Quickview" pop up.

How to remove the "Quickview" pop up.

Homepage Support Callisto Shopify How to remove the "Quickview" pop up.

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    Hello. Thank you for the great theme as I just purchased.

    I am in the process of setting up my store, and would like to remove the “quickview” feature when you put your mouse over a product. It is also the same way on your demos on themeforest, and thought perhaps it had an option to remove it.

    Basically, I just want a normal instance, just click on the product and go to the product page details, etc.



    The most easiest way to do this is just to prevent quickview button from displaying. Basically you have to edit theme’s code file “assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid” and it could be done using Shopify’s “Edit HTML/CSS page”.
    Just copy/paste this code to the file:
    .item-block-1 .image-wrapper-3:hover .image-overlay-1 { display: none !important; }
    it can be placed on file’s first line for example.

    Here is documentation about how to access “Edit HTML/CSS page”.


    Thank you for the quick reply. I think this is the best theme for shopify so far after wasting money on so many others.

    That did work, but couple more minor tweaks please:

    1. Anyway to make a hover effect on product images? now that the “quick shop” is disabled? or could I have replaced it with “view full detail” instead? since there’s already a script on that quick shop pop up for that? I can follow instr well since I do some basic coding. Just new to shopify and liquid lol.

    2. on IE I’m getting this:
    Only secure content is displayed. What’s the risk? Then I have to click “Show all content” in order to see the right font/css – I’m sure that’s because of the https being used on shopify. How do I get rid of that? since it didn’t happen on my other themes?

    3. Last, I’d like to add a left sidebar on all collection pages, products, etc. If possible I’d like to use the blog side bar that’s on the right of the blog, and add it to the left of the product pages and have 3 columns instead of 4 for the products.

    Please advise. After this I think I should be good to go with everything else.


    • This reply was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by wcybers. Reason: update

    1. To disable only quickshop button but leave hover effect as it was you can replace code I gave you previously with this one:
    .quick-shop-launcher { display: none !important; }
    To display some information on hover custom coding would be needed. Overlay template code is located in “snippets/collection-item.liquid”. You will have to add necessary text output using liquid and add necessary CSS adjustments to “assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid”.

    2. I need to check your store in action to see what we can do. At the moment it is offline. Let me know when it will be available.

    3. This feature will also require custom coding. Template for collection is located in “templates/collection.liquid”, but for product in “templates/product.liquid”. You can include blog sidebar in a template using this code:
    {% include 'sidebar' %}
    This kind of adjustment will definitely break something therefore style adjustments will be also necessary.
    You can change column count for products in Storefront editor, section “Products”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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