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Homepage Support Callisto Shopify Just does not work well

Just does not work well

Homepage Support Callisto Shopify Just does not work well

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    After test it for an hour, reading the short documentation and the 4 topics opened on this forum, I have found that many things are not customizable without Editing directly the CSS.
    So many times they just do not work properly or does not let me do minor changes….

    – I can’t fix the menu to be able to be seen when scrolling down
    – I can’t choose how big to show the Homepage image/slides.
    – I can’t choose If I would like to have the logo at the same position than header, but in the left side.
    To allow me to reduce the size of such a big header+logo.
    – I can’t choose how to show the footer, I mean if I disable the twitter feeds to be show, hides 1 of the columns, and it shows totally empty one of the columns. But the length of the other ones just does not change, when it should just fulfill the new empty space.

    The worst one:
    – If I disable the Homepage welcome block, it just hides under it the Featured products.
    – And I can`t simply show the different collections on the Front Page, all of them.
    As it just allows me to choose one of the collections to be shown….



    We are not promising anywhere that theme has features you described above, but if it doesn’t meet you expectations, you may ask for refund by following this link.

    Just for the reference we have another Shopify theme which contains a lot more features than Callisto, you can check it in ThemeForest by following this link. It also has much more detailed documentation which is covered with screenshots and you can check it here to get more familiar with theme’s features.


    I’m claiming for the refund since 2 days ago.
    Still waiting for it as It is not what I was expecting of this theme

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by tuzo12.


    Your refund request has been confirmed on December 8th.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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