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Homepage Support Frost WooCommerce Spacing/Placing words in Headers

Spacing/Placing words in Headers

Homepage Support Frost WooCommerce Spacing/Placing words in Headers

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    On home page, in the ‘frost’ panel that goes over main visual, you have ‘home slider item settings’, in there you have ‘Custom Title’ and ‘Custom Description’. When we put our words in Custom Title we want to control what line the words fall on. using the phrase .The rain in Spain. for example, if we put them in the Custom Title, they would read:
    The Rain in
    And we want it to look like:
    The Rain
    Where do we go to change the placing of words? Thanks
    (on our website, attached a pic of what the words look like. What we want is this:
    From Grassroots
    to Big Deal:
    Good Karma
    Skincare ) Want to change other sliders also… thanks!!

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    Unfortunately theme doesn’t have such a feature. The thing is that all the line breaks and HTML tags are escaped to avoid possibility to break theme’s layout by using such characters incorrectly from customer side. Also there is no good way to override these things using child theme, so the only quick option is to edit theme’s code files directly and in the same time restrict yourself from theme’s updates.

    The correct way to do this would be create another Visual Composer Homepage slider element with little different output handling using child theme, but this can be achieved only by custom coding. If you really want to achieve this, I suggest you to hire some experienced WordPress developer who will do this for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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